Zen Clean Energy Solutions

Summary of operations

Zen Clean Energy Solutions is a boutique consulting firm located in Vancouver, British Columbia. We work with our clients to commercially advance and deploy clean energy solutions and technologies that promote sustainability. Our team’s range of backgrounds, including government relations, business and corporate development, and engineering and technology development, complemented with a strong background in project management, make Zen uniquely positioned to guide complex projects from inception to implementation.


Zen’s expertise extends across the following areas:
o Deep technical expertise and broad network in hydrogen and fuel cell sector
o Commercial expertise in automotive, bus, material handling (forklift), and specialty vehicle markets including business development and market analysis
o Government relations experience and an understanding of policy and public sector objectives for clean technology sectors
o Product Development expertise for drivetrain components, subsystems, and complete turnkey solutions


More than 80% of Zen’s business relates to hydrogen and fuel cell sector with multiple ongoing projects related to technology demonstrations & pilots, vehicle deployment, and infrastructure deployment. We have an extensive network of industry contacts in North America, Europe, and Asia, including research laboratories, material suppliers, component developers, OEMs, infrastructure providers, government, non-profit organizations, and industry associations.


Zen Energy Solutions is a project management firm specializing in managing complex consortium projects in the clean energy sector. Zen has experience assessing new applications and market opportunities for novel fuel cell system designs such as the AZETEC project.


In this project, Zen is supplying:
Project management support for the AZETEC project for both the fuel cell electric trucks and fueling infrastructure
Providing support to AMTA to ensure reporting requirements are met
Coordinating project partners to ensure a structured approach to managing scope of work, schedule, budget, and milestone reporting


The AZETEC project is a key for both reduce emissions from the heavy-duty truck transportation sector and developing a new source of demand for Alberta’s natural resources and technical expertise. This project will provide the data, viability, and alternative green technology option needed for vehicle OEMs and truck operators to continue the exploration of new ways to support the ERA’s plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Alberta.

-Jeff Grant, Zen Energy Solutions