Transition Accelerator

Corporate Profile:

The Transition Accelerator is an independent, pan-Canadian accelerator.  It launched in 2019, following a two-year development phase led by some of Canada’s top system change experts.  The Accelerator harnesses technological disruptions to solve major business and social challenges while building GHG reductions into the solution.  This involves convening innovators from industry, government, academia and elsewhere to co-create and action economic pathways that will help Canadians thrive into the 21st century and beyond.  The initial priorities include building a hydrogen economy, advancing economy-wide electrification including transport, and electrical grid integration among provinces and US states.


AZETEC, a hydrogen transport consortium, has been one of The Transition Accelerator’s early projects in conjunction with multiple partners across industry, government and academia.  The Transition Accelerator is pleased to be amongst AZETEC’s funders and is building on this work to spin out other hydrogen-related initiatives.