Corporate Profile:

Ballard is a leading global provider of innovative clean energy solutions, delivering fuel cell products and engineering services which have the Power to Change the World®. At Ballard, we deliver fuel cell power for a sustainable planet.


Over its 40 year history, Ballard has invested more than $1 billion in research and development to advance fuel cell technology and has produced over 560 megawatts of PEM fuel cell products. Today Ballard’s 700+ employees design, manufacture, and sell fuel cell products that contribute to CO2 emission reductions in various mobility applications.


Ballard’s fuel cell products power zero-emission transit buses, trucks, trams, marine vessels, and forklifts around the world. Our heavy duty fuel cell power modules lead the industry in performance, durability, and overall road experience having operated more than 20 million kilometers. There are currently more than 2,450 hydrogen fuel cell electric buses and trucks powered by Ballard fuel cells in operation globally. Collaborating with industry leaders, we continue to drive down the total cost of ownership of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Ballard is present in Europe, North America and China with dedicated service teams to support the commercial deployment of fuel cell vehicle fleets.


Ballard will provide a total of eight FCmove™-HD fuel cell modules, eight DCDC converters, two 100 kilogram hydrogen storage systems and two radiators – each generating 70 kilowatts (kW) of power – with 4 modules to be installed in each truck. Launched in 2019, FCmove™-HD is Ballard’s 8th generation high performance fuel cell module, offering attractive customer value based on high reliability, simplified system integration and optimized operating parameters.


Rob Campbell, Ballard Chief Commercial Officer said, “The tractor-trailer trucks being used in the AZETEC project are the first Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles – or FCEVs – of this size and capacity to be built and tested anywhere globally. We are delighted to expand Ballard’s participation in FCEV truck trials across a growing range of sizes and classes, as we demonstrate the compelling value proposition that fuel cells offer for Heavy and Medium Duty Motive applications requiring long range, rapid refueling, heavy payloads and route flexibility.”