Emissions Reduction Alberta(ERA)

Summary of operations

Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) is taking action to deliver results the world needs. ERA invests the carbon price paid by Alberta’s large final emitters (LFEs) into innovative, greenhouse gas (GHG) reducing technology projects. These investments help innovators develop and demonstrate Alberta-based technologies that can lower emissions at home and be exported around the world. ERA was established 10 years ago to invest the revenues from Alberta’s Specified Gas Emitters Regulation (SGER) and help deliver on the Government’s climate change strategy. Since 2009, the organization has funded 161 projects, investing $557 million into innovative technologies worth $4.3 billion. For every $1 committed, almost $7 is invested by partners. If every project is successful, ERA will help to deliver a reduction of 41.3 million tonnes of CO2e by 2030. That is the amount of carbon sequestered by almost 683 million trees growing for 10 years, or equivalent to taking almost nine million cars off the road.


Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and grow Alberta’s economy by accelerating the development and adoption of innovative technology solutions.


Alberta has competitive industries that deliver sustainable environmental outcomes, attract investment, and build a diversified, lower carbon economy.


Value Proposition
ERA invests the proceeds from carbon pricing paid by large final emitters to reduce GHGs and strengthen the competitiveness of new and incumbent industries in Alberta. ERA delivers results through a competitive, transparent, efficient, and outcomes-focused delivery model.


Strategic Priorities
1. Accelerate Technology: Invest in GHG-reducing technologies that help Alberta grow existing industries and create new ones.
2. Drive Commercialization: Convene the resources required to accelerate the adoption solutions that lead to economic growth and GHG reductions in Alberta.
3. Maximize Impact: Maximize impact through leveraged funding, communications, and operational excellence.


ERA’s portfolio includes projects that align with Alberta’s economic and environmental priorities. We regularly review and refine our four priority areas of focus to ensure we are being responsive to the needs of the province’s industries and innovators. Our investment priorities reflect the need for Alberta to reduce GHGs, grow our existing industries, and create new ones:

  • Cleaner oil and gas
  • Low emitting electricity supply and demand
  • Food, fibre, and bioindustries
  • Low-carbon industrial processes and products